Generate your own electricity using shadow free space on your roof. Investing in Solar Power System for your home is one of the best investment you will do to protect yourself from future energy rate increase, earning from vacant rooftop and help environment by turning to clean energy. Although with new government incentive you can recover your investment in 5 to 6 years but in actual you are spending money anyways on current power bills. Investing in Solar system is only diversion of funds from paying electricity bills to pay off your own power generation plant. Installing Solar Power system is like paying off your own home rather than living on rent.

There are two types of Solar Systems :

GRID TIE Solar PV System :

Grid tie Solar system is connected to the existing electrical grid and allows you to use solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. Grid tie system allow homes or business to get power from either from Solar system or existing utility grid. The intelligent invertor in Grid tie solar system makes it seamless to switch between Grid tied PV system and grid (existing electricity connection) . When your Grid tied system is producing more power than your home or business is consuming, the excess power can often be sent back to grid known as net metering. When your system is not producing enough power during cloudy, foggy or non daylight hours your home can draw power from utility grid. So you are using grid as backup system. More than 20 states in India have already announced their Solar Power Policy.

In Grid tie system we have again two choices :

Net Metering : Net metering is process through which consumer can avail dual benefit by installing a solar power system on shadow free rooftop to generate electricity. Generated power is first used for own use and surplus is fed into grid of utility company. In case electricity produced by Solar system is less than required the intelligent invertor will draw the balance power from Grid. The bill is issued by utility company after adjustment of import and export of power.In net metering you are expected to use your own solar energy produced within a specified period normally one year. In Punjab you can install solar system only upto 80% of your electricity load. In Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pardesh you can install solar power system upto 100% of your sanctioned load.


Gross metering :In case of Gross metering all your power generated through Solar System is fed to the grid. Let’s say that you choose to feed in all of the electricity that your rooftop solar system generates directly into the central grid without consuming any of it at your house. Instead, both at night and the day, you consume electricity from the grid.

Only Chandigarh administration has clear policy on this and will pat Rs 8.51/unit in case you do not avail subsidy and Rs 7.50/unit in case you avail subsidy. This is currently best rate being paid in India. Punjab and Haryana governments can also approve project for Gross metering case by case basis.

Therefore the essential difference between net metering and gross metering is that under the former, you are billed only for your “net electricity consumption”, while under the latter, you are paid for the “gross amount” of electricity you feed into the grid, while being charged in full for your grid electricity consumption.

Off Grid Solar System :

Off Grid Solar System allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid. Off Grid solar system are more expensive and cannot be expected to provide power for all your loads due to prohibitive cost of batteries.

To deal with frequent power outages, rooftops of small houses are best suited for the installation of small solar power packs in the free space available. The typical electrical load in domestic use is for lights, fans, televisions, refrigerators, computers, etc. A typical small solar power system of 1 KW is adequate to run a load of approximately 300 watts for four hours with a small battery bank, depending on solar installation. The solar energy from panels is directly converted to electrical energy by solar modules. This can be used immediately to drive the loads or stored in batteries for usage at the time of power outages.

Standalone systems can also be used in rural areas where the grid is not available. The system can charge the batteries during day and provide electricity to drive lighting load at night. The solar system does not require maintenance; regular cleaning of modules can keep the system up and running.


TATA POWER SOLAR with more than 25 Years of Solar manufacturing experience is market leader in India with more than 25% market share in domestic rooftop business Solar business. Tata Power Solar is one of the few companies in India which produce its own cells and panels in its state of the art facility in Bangalore. With 25 years of performance warrantee our quality ensures our customers are getting the most secure investment in the long run.


WHY to install TATA POWER SOLAR system only ?

All solar panels are not created equal!!! If you think all solar panels are the same? Think again. When you are buying solar panels you are buying it for atleast 25 years. Select an experienced manufacturer that builds its products for the long-run to maximize your return on investment with worry-free performance.

Experience matters

TATA POWER SOLAR is only company in India with more than 25 years of experience in solar and manufacture its own cells and panels. There are more than hundred new start-up solar companies today with cheap imports and it’s tough to know which panels to choose.
• A solar panel should last for decades. Select a manufacturer you are confident will be around to honor warranties, as well as service commitments.
• Choose a company that controls all aspects of the manufacturing process—from cells and panels—to ensure every component is of the highest quality.
• Support Indian manufacturing by selecting solar panels made here on Indian soil.
• Look for a proven track record with more than 25 years in business.

Choose long-term production over efficiency

• Many Solar Panel manufacturers are projecting efficiency of their panels (rated power per square foot) as the most important feature of a solar panel. However, making a panel more efficient can actually limit its long-term performance, yielding less energy over the life of your system.
• When you buy TATA Power Solar panel you are buying proven real life, long term solar system performance not artificial performance of single panel in optimal laboratory conditions.
• When you buy TATA POWER SOLAR system you ensure that your system will keep producing electricity for years to come subject to various environmental factors.
• Some panel manufacturers crowd solar cells together and up against the frame. The result: shading from mounting components, excess accumulation of dirt over the cells, and reduced potential for light capture and energy production.
• Various manufacturers crowed solar cells together up against the frame to increase the efficiency of the panel. It results in shading from mounted components, reduced light capture and excess accumulation of dirt over the cells which results in performance issue sooner than later.

Superior design and installation

• TATA POWER SOLAR designs its own systems with more experienced engineers in India and partners with only the best, most experienced solar installers to ensure the highest quality installation.
• TATA POWER SOLAR has large network of channel partners and service centers ensuring worry free installation wherever you live.
• All our installers are factory trained in for best safety and installation practices and have to go through stringent requirements of regular audit to ensure they meet and exceeds TATA POWER SOLAR high standards.


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